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Software Billions Club Shows Would-be Cyberpreneurs How to Harness the Power of Internet Business









Software Billions Club stands out from the pack by proving that you really can make money from an Internet business.

The Software Billions Club stands out as a diamond among the rough stones of the many Internet businesses purporting to have profitable business models.



Why? Because this is one Internet business that really works. With a combination of excellent products and multi-faceted member support, Software Billions club has helped many new cyberpreneurs begin and run profitable Internet businesses.


The draw of online business has strengthened over the years, especially since the economic down-turn. This increasing interest in cyber-business has prompted the launching of hundred of Internet business programs.


Many web-sites promise easy and quick profits with little effort, but these inevitably turn out to be scams or ineffective programs. Because of all the badly performing or fraudulent Internet business programs out there, many people are now apprehensive about online businesses.


The people at Software Billions Club encourage potential sign-ups to be cautious and to educate themselves about Internet business before selecting a program. This alone sets Software Billions Club apart, since most programs pressure members to sign up without offering much information.


In contrast, the Software Billions Club wants members to enter the business with their eyes wide open, and with the necessary commitment to achieve success.


Software Billions Club is confident in the power of their business system because it combines the two most important elements of a successful Internet business program: products that people want and business support for members.


Members of the Software Billions Club market and sell e-books and software online assisted by the company’s treasure trove of business advice that includes everything you need to increase sales.


For many newcomers, the information and resources provided to members is indispensable. Members learn how to run their website effectively, increase traffic to their site, advertise and market their products as well as how to keep expanding their reach to include new clients.


While the support given to members is one of the most important hallmarks of the Software Billions Club’s business system, the range of informative and well-written and interesting e-books and software are the backbone to the company’s success.


Any one of the many positive Software Billions Club review articles and testimonials will tell you that this system works…as long as people work the system.

If you aren’t sure how to start running a successful Internet business system, then the information provided by on the Software Billions club will certainly show you the way.

Software Billions club members have described their support system as being comparable to having a personal tutor in e-business. This isn’t too far from the truth, since the system is the brainchild of founder Chad Timothy, who used this model to build his success.


Through the information and tools available to members, Timothy shares the marketing techniques, website resources and business strategies that helped him move from his minimum wage job to a business that earns roughly $50,000 a month.


By signing up as members, people benefit from Timothy’s years of experience and build their Internet business and marketing skills quickly, while avoiding common pitfalls.


With an increasing range of popular software and e-books, plus the guidance on how to sell them successfully, it’s easy to see why Software Billions Club is making new Internet success stories even as you read this.


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The Richest People In America - The New Forbes 400 list

The Richest People In America - The New Forbes 400 list - Posted by Chad Timothy @ the Software Billions Club September 29th 2010

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Software Billions Club Video Blog Testimonials

This video also features affiliates for our new $50K Instant Cashflow System.

Funny Video - Baby Monkey (Riding Backwards On A Pig)

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September 2010 Software Billions Club Update

We’ve been quietly spending the summer preparing for the launch of Chad Timothy’s newest opportunity “The $50K Instant Cashflow System” Offline edition.
As some of your know the online version was recently launched.
We expect to launch this new offline system soon and will provide more details at the end of September.
Chad Timothy's new $50K Instant Cashflow System will provide all of his members with access to the same exact sales materials that Chad Timothy has been using to generate a six-figure income and will include a carbon-copy website, training materials, video and more. 
Affiliates earn a 50% commission on ALL SALES plus 50% monthly on recurring subscriptions from customers you refer.
This new program differs from the current “$50K Instant Cashflow System” because you don’t need a PayPal or PayDotCom account and everything can be tracked from right inside the Software Billions Club Members Area.
Stay Tuned for information on how to upgrade your membership to include Chad’s NEW $50K Instant Cashflow System for FREE, which also includes unlimited access to our brand new $50K Members Area!
New Winners Announced...
Congrats to our September 2010 winners:
This Month’s Featured Prizes
Win A $15 Starbucks Gift Card
The Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world! As a member you could be selected as our winner of a FREE $20.00 Gift Card to Starbucks! Enjoy a sensational Starbucks “summer cool down” courtesy of the Software Billions Club!
Each month the Software Billions Club will randomly select a member(s) and will send the winner(s) a genuine crystal earring and matching necklace jewelry set. We have crystal crosses, hearts with keys (key to my heart) and many more. You will automatically be entered to win this great prize by simply logging in to the Members Area at least once during the month.
Each and every day, all month long members can log into the Members Area and click on the “Contests and Giveaways” link to enter our monthly contests. Be sure to visit our Winners Circle at the end of each month to find out if you’ve won!
Feel free to visit our following blog sites:
We will be posting our newsletters here at the beginning of each month so be sure and check back.
To your Success,
Dustin Drorbaugh

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Powerful Facebook Marketing Blueprint For Generating More Leads on Facebook

…by Chad Timothy and the Software Billions Club.

Did you know According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular website next to Google. It’s True; Facebook currently has 300 million subscribers and is growing rapidly. 50 Million updates are made on Facebook every day and world wide users spend around 100 billion minutes per week.

Facebook is the newest advertising revolution. What does it mean to you as an online marketer? It can be a huge cash explosion waiting to happen.

I Chad Timothy will verify for you that strategic Facebook marketing is the new online revolution when it comes to Free advertising on the Internet.

However, how do you position yourself to stand out so you can promote your business on Facebook considering the Millions of updates being posted on Facebook every day? How do you capture the attention of the Facebook users? The purpose of this article is to make you aware of the basic Facebook marketing strategies and tools that you need to successfully generate leads and dominate your niche.

You need to always keep in mind Facebook is a social network and should not be used to pitch your business. Prosperity in your Facebook marketing is directly related to the number of true relationships developed with fellow users. So, Lets gets started.

Step 1. Create Your Facebook Profile
- A picture is definitely worth thousand words. At all costs, make sure to add a picture in your profile

- Be sure and fill in your past information such as your prior schools you attended and make it public so that people can find you through a quick search.

- Fill in your interests and hobbies and make them public so all subscribers can relate to you

- Include all your websites such as a Twitter, Blog, and your other social media pages or even capture pages on your profile. By default, only your primary website is displayed on your profile. I recommend you to display all your websites in your profile. Anyone visiting your profile page could click on your URLS and learn more about your business.

Step 2. Add Friends
After creating a profile, don’t wait for people to come to you. Find and add at least 35 new friends a day every day. Excessive adding of friends can result in your account being deleted or suspended.

Step 3. Interact with friends
Once you have added a couple dozen friends and see their content on your Facebook wall (or main page), start interacting with them by commenting on their updates. Commenting on updates may likely result in a viral effect. I see lots of new traffic to my Software Billions Club website due to this viral effect.

When you comment on an update, your comment will show up on the updater's wall and is clearly visible to all his friends. So, it pays to make intelligent comments so you can get more traffic back to your page.

Feel free to share posts, quotes, videos and any other content that had a positive impact on you. Your main goal should be to interact with Facebook friends as much as possible. The more you get your name out there in the Facebook world the better off you will be.

Step 4. Add Pictures To Your Facebook Photo Albums
Next it’s important to share your pictures and videos with all your new friends on Facebook. People would love to know more about you through pictures and videos. Absolutely any kind of pictures will work. If you are promoting a product or service you can upload pictures that represent your product.

Step 5. Add Facebook Videos (optional)
In the last couple years video marketing has been growing at a rapid pace and has proven it’s here to stay. Facebook allows you to either upload pre-made videos or you can shoot a video on the spot through your Facebook page.

I teach my students to use the video feature of Facebook in a couple of ways.

A. Introduce yourself to recently added friends. A short video describing who you are and telling them you look forward to learning from each other is all you need.

B. I also recommend that you use instant Facebook video to record birthday wishes and Holiday wishes to all friends.

Step 6. Create or Join Facebook Groups
Creating your own group positions you as a leader and shows the value you can provide to other networkers. Facebook users who join your group can be converted to prospects for your business by using effective attraction marketing strategies. It pays off to establish a group and provide value to the members of the group through emails, invitations to an event, commenting, etc.

Step 7. Create Facebook Wall Posts Frequently
Your Facebook wall is the main page you see when you login to your account. Most of your time will be spent in this area. This is where you can post messages on other people’s wall and moderates the comments made on your wall.

If you are an advanced Facebook user, I am sure you are already posting and promoting your content on your wall.

One powerful strategy is to post your content on walls of the members having a huge number of friends. This way, more people will see your message and potentially visit your page resulting in more traffic and sales.

Be sure to post content of links on your wall often. Post daily if you have the time. You can simply post links to online articles you recommend. You can post pretty much any content you wish. The key is to provide quality content so you satisfy your existing friends and you’ll gain new ones as well.

Step 8. Facebook Notes
Do you have a self hosted word press or blogspot blog? If no, I would highly recommend you to start blogging and provide valuable content. Finding content is easy nowadays since you can repost already existing articles.

Facebook notes is an awesome feature you can use to make your valuable blog content visible publicly to all members of Facebook. Also, there are applications that import your blog content into the notes in an automated way.

This feature would increase your blog traffic tremendously and ultimately your sales.

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I hope you put these powerful Facebook tactics to work for you and your business as well.

To more sales,

Chad Timothy
Software Billions Club, Founder

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P.S.S. Follow Chad Timothy on Twitter Chad Timothy is the CEO of the Software Billions Club in Portland, OR. Having started off in Internet Marketing in 1998 Chad Timothy is considered a respected pioneer. He is committed to helping others by writing about what he has learned about strategic Internet Marketing.

In addition to developing scores of websites and online stores and consulting with many companies large and small, he is the author of hundreds of articles and more than a dozen books on Internet marketing and e-commerce.

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