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Tips and Tricks To Higher Converting Squeeze Pages by Chad Timothy

Tips and Tricks To Higher Converting Squeeze Pages by Chad Timothy

*Your Headline should be intriguing and exciting. It must arouse curiosity from the reader.

*Call to action should be ONE sentence max.

*Should use a single option. JUST EMAIL ADDRESS. NO NAME. This will GREATLY improve your conversions. Use for single opt-in.

*You must have a photo of yourself on squeeze page. People need an identity to attach to the FROM: name on their email. People need to remember you and signing up for YOUR list. So many marketers will just send a free gift or eBook and the prospect may not even remember who you are.

*Customers want instant gratification –AKA FREE STUFF. You cannot force people go to their email after they opt in. You must have them click submit and have that take them to an in between page where they get their “free gift”.

*Be sure you have a nice picture of yourself on this page as well. On this next page you must also give away some very useful content in just a few sentences. Two paragraphs max. I recommend that you use same design on this next page as the initial page. I would leave the end of this page with a CLIFF HANGER. Something like, “Well I have good news and bad news…” CLICK HERE or NEXT PAGE

*This is the exciting part. Little do they know, but the next page they are taken to the NEXT PAGE. It has the headline of what you told them on the page before, like “The Good News and Bad News”

*Do not worry about losing click thru’s. I have that solution for you as well.

*It’s been proven by the time prospects get to the sales page they have read the powerful short ad copy on the page before and they are basically HOOKED. I would tell them the bad news is that there is a limited amount of people we are offering it to but the good news is that if you get in you will experience some incredible results. This is where the sales page comes in and does all the telling and selling for you.

Now as far as the email from you goes…

*The email they receive from you should always start with name identity reference. ”Hi, Chad Timothy here- The reason you’re getting this email is because you put your email into the form found on this page “link to SALES PAGE” goes here.

You need to remind them who you are so that if they haven’t checked their email until days after they opted in, they will go, OH YA I REMEMBER CHAD TIMOTHY.

*The initial email you send them should have the same ad copy as that in between page they go to.

*Email 2 should be a completely different angle that is NOT on the sales page.

*Email 3 should be another interesting angle that isn’t on the sales page and tie it to the offer you are promoting.

If you follow this criteria you should see your opt in percentage increase as well as your overall conversions.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I will be releasing more articles in the near future. Check back soon.

To more sales,

Chad Timothy

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